What We Are

Providing Innovative & Climate-Smart Solutions

Frasa Agrolink Limited is a registered private limited company with expertise to provide innovative, and climate - smart solutions in water and energy for Agricultural, Residential, and Industrial use.

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Our company has been present for over 3 years. We make the best experience for our customers.

What we Offer

We commit to uphold professionalism, innovativeness and provide best in-class services to our clientele in the various respective fields;


We design and install all irrigation types, with special expertise in sprinkler and drip irrigation, to details and precision to minimize installation, operational and maintenance costs.

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Solar Systems and Equipment

We size, design, install and maintain solar systems; solar water pumping systems, water heating and lighting systems both for domestic and industrial use.

Well Development

We do shallow well excavation and deep well drilling and construction, water transmission and water reservoir construction like dams and water tanks.


We supply, install and maintain all types of water pumps for irrigation, industrial use and domestic water supply.

Water Treatment

Through continuous study and experience, we design processes, construct structures and administer chemicals for water purification, making it safe for human and animal consumption.


We advise farmers on modern farming technologies to improve crop production and profitability and equip our clients with knowledge about efficient energy generation and utilization in homes and much more.


With our highly skilled and innovative team, we supply, install and maintain reliable generator sets with the modern technology

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Meeting Our Client's Needs

  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Personal service

Frasa's Trusted Partners.

At Frasa Agrolink Limited we believe in offering quality products & services tailored to the needs of each customer. Your Complete Water and Energy Solutions.